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1999 Season


Theatre Pick of the Week
"...director Scott Rabinowitz delivers an enthralling production... This is a superbly crafted work, from the acting to the production design... Rabinowitz finds abundant laughs in the play's ample but rarely mined humor... it is Bass' riveting portrayal of Iago that anchors the work... Bass' boyish smile and dulcet voice successfully mask Iago's rotted soul, making for a harrowing performance."
- LA Weekly - Full Review

"...Adventurous and accessible, it accomplishes what only those truly comfortable with the language and form can do... a remarkably strong cast... Loren Bass manages a steely fury... Kenneth R. Merckx Jr.'s innocently enthusiatic Cassio... Joe Jordan hands in the play's comic moments... Amy Raasch (Desdemona) finds a woman of considerable bravery... Gillian Bagwell turns Emilia into a great deal more than the plot device she usually seems... Billy Mayo, as the Moorish general... finds both the tenderness and command..."
- San Gabriel Valley News - Full Review

"...Director Scott Rabinowitz skillfully guides this breezy and crisp Othello, set in the contemporary world of the U.S. military, and infuses it with a refreshing dose of humor. Billy Mayo, himself an ex-Marine, is a square and upright Othello, finding the balance between military bearing and human frailty, while Loren Bass portrays the darkly comic side of Iago without sacrificing any of the drama of the play...The most overtly comic character is Roderigo, as played by an inspired and lanky Joe Jordan, who lopes around the stage, milking his humorous turns as Iago's foil... "
- Backstage West - Full Review

"...In the title role, imposing Billy Mayo evokes the Marine sensibility with conviction...Making the most of their supporting stage time are Kenneth R. Merckx Jr. as noble Cassio, and Louahn Lowe as the lusty Bianca."
- LA Times - Full Review

Othello and Iago
Photo: Jerry Neill