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1999 Season

The Libertine

"...Kindlin is flat-out riveting - in manner, style, presence and presentation. Seldom is an audience given the chance to see an actor define a role...Standout performances include the versatile Jeff Klein...baby-faced Ken Ferrigni...sure-footed David Fruechting...poised Cristina Anselmo...energetic Melanie Ewbank...entrancing Leda Whyte...and the always enjoyable Daniel Sapecky...In the careful hands of Bagwell and with the tremendous talents of the cast, the glorious Pasadena Shakespeare Company has crafted a production of "The Libertine" that soars."
- Pasadena Weekly - Full Review

"Jeffreys’ intricate portrait presents an arrogant Rochester who’s eventually undone by gossip and his own debauchery...Kindlin’s near mastery of a difficult role buoys a piece which is weighed down by literary excess...Director Gillian Bagwell’s supporting ensemble proves capable and adept, with Leda Whyte rendering an especially accomplished performance as Rochester’s long-suffering wife....Kudos to designer Christine Walters-Murphy for her authentic and colorful costuming."
- LA Weekly - Full Review

"...Kevin Kindlin makes an impressively convincing Rochester...proves constantly genuine and absorbing...Jeff Klein makes fine work of the somewhat more moderately cynical Earl of Dorset...Ken Ferrigni vibrates with youthful exuberance...David Fruechting handles the difficult part of the king...with a kind of humorous formality...Daniel Sapecky turns Rochester's personal servant into an interestingly detached onlooker to all this excess...Leda Whyte shines as the Earl's gentle wife...it makes for attractive contrast with Cristina Anselmo's cold and distant portrait of the actress with whom Rochester falls disastrously in love. Melanie Ewbank offers a neatly, attractively practical portrait of a professional lady of the evening...For director Gillian Bagwell, this production is quite obviously a labor of love..."
- San Gabriel Valley - Full Review

John Wilmot
John Wilmot
The Second Earl of Rochester