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2002 Season


Smartly staged by director Sam R. Ross, this production features two terrific performances by veteran stage actors Lary Ohlson and David Paul Needles and … inventive use of sound effects to enhance the mood.” – Recommended – L.A. Weekly

“It’s nearly Halloween, and time for a traditional, solidly spooky ghost story.  Now, thanks to the PSC, a good one is right nearby…. A satisfyingly eerie tale.” – San Gabriel Valley Newspapers


It’s simple, it’s elegant, it’s ridiculous… this is Thurber at his sweet, wacky best, and it doesn’t get much better than that…” – Pasadena Weekly

“A fresh look at an old master… the PSC’s production does great honor to a truly American voice.” – San Gabriel Valley Newspapers


“Director Gillian Bagwell has assembled an exceptional troupe of actors, who skillfully execute her quick-paced staging…. the exquisite costumes provide a wonderful sense of the period.” – L.A. Weekly

“Thanks to a truly talented cast, and the addition of just enough physical comedy, this production manages to make the play just about as funny today as it was to people in the 1700’s.” – San Gabriel Valley Newspapers


“This could be this year’s best Shakespearean production.” – Pasadena Weekly

“The actors are key… . this production will leave you steeped in fine performances, great words, and high drama.” – San Gabriel Valley Newspapers


“A fine Henry V…. many very funny moments… the cast, down to the lowest soldier, handles the pacing and speech of the piece easily, creating characters which stick in the mind. “ – San Gabriel Valley Newspapers


“A charmingly impressive production… a remarkably splendid cast… a joy… from start to finish.” – Pasadena Star News

The PSC has shaken some of the dust off Shaw’s comedy and brought it to life… A crisp production…  a very talented group of actors… it is well worth the journey, particularly in the hands of a group as gifted as this.” – Back Stage West


A Thurber Carnival
A Thurber Carnival
Photo: Jerry Neill