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What is being said about us?

1999 Season

A Midsummer Night's Dream

"...The young lovers at the heart of the tale perform admirably: Lysander (Michael Santorico), Hermia (Jolene Bentley), Helena (Cara Murdoch Barker) and Demetrius (Kevin Kindlin) bring a restrained sensuality to their roles. Ditto for Charles Currier, who does a fine turn as Oberon, and Leda Whyte as the fairy queen Titania. And of course there’s Puck...energetically and humorously rendered by Michael Hirsch."
- LA Weekly - Full Review

"...Most striking in this production are the royal pair. Charles Currier and Leda Whyte double as both Theseus of Athens and his Amazon intended, and Oberon and Titania, rulers of the fairy kingdom...they create quite distinct characters, with fascinating overlaps, which help fuel the play...Kevin Kindlin, who does offer up a kind of animal power as the brawny Demetrius, and Cara Murdoch Barker, who becomes increasingly charming as the much-wronged Helena...Anthony Liveri's turn as Flute...proves particularly amusing...Lary Ohlson's version of the egocentric Bottom fuels much of the comedy of the piece."
- San Gabriel Valley News - Full Review

A Midsummer Night's Dream
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Photo: Jerry Neill