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1998 Season

Romeo and Juliet

"...(PSC's Romeo and Juliet) has been brought to life by a master. Director Gillian Bagwell delivers a freshness, a vitality, even a sense of dramatic surprise that captivates the audience and makes one examine anew what is probably the best known play in the world. The cast proves universally delightful... The (PSC) is fast becoming one of Pasadena's great treasures... There's no better way to spend your entertainment dollars."
- San Gabriel Valley News

"Director Gillian Bagwell has crafted a passionate, witty and enthusiastic rendition of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet...the story of overly wrought young lovers is not usually played with the wit and humor that this production conveys, especially by Romeo (David DeSantos), Juliet (Michelle Smith) and Mercutio (Michael Matthys). This is a dynamic trio... David Rainey also standing out for his performance as the pivotal Friar..."
- Drama-Logue

"(PSC's) efforts typically include tightly disciplined direction, high-energy performances and engaging lighting... this production is no exception... Michelle Smith delivers a first-rate portrayal of Juliet, with impeccable timing: and David DeSantos captures the passion of Romeo... other standouts include David Rainey as the stable and well-intentional Friar Laurence and Michael Matthys as the outspoken and ultimately doomed Mercutio..."
- L.A. Weekly

I dreamed a dream last night.
Romeo and Juliet rehearsal
Photo: Michael Hirsch