What is being said about us?

1998 Season

Comedy of Errors

"...a charming sliver of foolishness...director Charles Currier's...entertaining production...hysterical when Antipholus of Ephesus is locked out of his house because his wife, Adriana (Leda Whyte), is dining with his brother, whom she naturally has mistaken for her husband...Currier draws many convinvingly comedic performances from his large cast...Hirsch is an absolute delight - animated and energetic...Kudos to Sally Willingham for her colorful pastiche of costumes..."
- L.A. Weekly

"Director Charles Currier, himself a fight master of considerable skill, orchestrates the entire play as if choreographing a comic battle. The results are glorious. Thomas Craig Elliott and Daniel Sapecky, as Antipholus of Syracuse and Antipholus of Ephesus respectively, handle the comic timing with straight-forward grace. Michael Hirsch and Grainger Esch, as the two named Dromio, execute the most elaborate pratfalls and sneakings about with a delicious flourish...Standouts include Leda Whyte, howlingly funny...Kevin Kindlin as the self-indulgent duke...Rebecca Lane...as the kitchen wench, and Laura Russell as the courtesan..."
- Pasadena State News

Antipholus and Dromio x2
The Comedy of Errors
Photo: Jerry Neill