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1998 Season

As You Like It

Theatre Pick of the Week
"Individuality, intelligence and elan mark this handsome staging...spirited and fun, its grand loquacity enlivened with the esprit of a talented ensemble...the players principal and supporting alike, invest thier performances with a humorous and singular perspective...and Marley embellishes the production with a host of sensory details - a picnic repast in he forest, for example, could hold its own in a spread by Bon Apetit..."
- L.A. Weekly

"...tremendously capable hands of director Dana Marley...exquisite cast of talented actors...engaging and insightfully told - pumped full with a freshness and vigor that simply soars with vitality..."
- Pasadena Weekly

"...highly entertaining...and Dana Marley, one of their best directors, keeps the comic timing sharp...all of the smaller parts are as good as the leads, the mark of a superior repertory company..."
- Sierra Madre News

"...Pasadena Shakespeare Comapany's usual brand of high quality performers... Sandi Massie has a charmingly mischievous face, as Rosalind. She and Michelle Smith, who plays Celia, have a nice chemistry between them...impressive Michael Santorico... who seems so comfortable with Touchstone.. he even makes some of Shakespeare's least timeless jokes seem funny...Jason Cole radiates naive charm...other standouts include Cristina Anselmo...and Michael Hirsch...(Jaques) shines brightly as Lauren Bass manages to find the balance between the man's gentle humor and underlying sadness..."
- Pasadena State News

"...notably pleasing:...(David Paul Needles) richly projects both jolly Duke Senior and his nasty brother Duke Frederick...Loren Bass as a sharply cynical Jaques...Diane Michelle Skolnik as an uproariously bawdy Audrey, Michael Santorico...as a wry wise guy...Michelle Smith as a rather bratty Celia..."
- Back Stage West/Drama-Logue

As You Like It
Backstage: As You Like It
Photo: Michael Hirsch