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What is being said about us?

1998 Season

Arms and the Man

"...marvelous...thoroughly ambrosial production...This is yet another in a long line of first-rate successes for the Pasadena Shakespeare Company."
- Pasadena Weekly

"...enjoyable...pleasantly stylized approach to the material...quick, biting comedy. Adams especially commands the stage as a hilarious egotist, giving nothing less than a superb portrayal... strong moments of solid theatre..."
- Backstage/Drama-Logue

"...delicious...Cristina Gavin offers up both the requisite sense of high drama, and the subtlety in dropping out of that mode into realism that fuels Shaw's message... (J. Todd Adams') posturing proves deeply funny...(David Paul Needles) makes his character most likable...Lary Ohlson bumbles well, and Gillian Bagwell vibrates with dramatic energy...David Fruechting...and Cristina Anselmo give the often under featured parts...a fullness and a vibrancy..."
- San Gabriel Valley News

"The cast is excellent...warm and funny...Jane Macfie has given us just the professional polish we have come to expect from the PSC."
- Sierra Madre News

Arms and the Man
Arms and the Man
Photo: Jerry Neill