What is being said about us?

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1997 Season

"A first-rate theatrical company..." - L.A. Times

"We are all a little richer that the PSC has found a new home in town..." - San Marino Tribune

"This new theatre is a first-rate venue...Shakespeare is indeed alive and well in the city of Pasadena." - Drama-Logue

"A truly distinctive company." - Sierra Madre News

"This is a real theatre, well-designed and impressive, and it's showcasing some real Shakespeare -- real good Shakespeare!" - Pasadena Weekly

"Polish and facility with the language... have become PSC's trademarks." - Cheers! Magazine

"The PSC has the right idea..." - New Times

"There is a treasure buried deep in the Plaza Pasadena Mall." - Pasadena Star News

She hopes you will order matter so as to bring her off!
The Beggar's Opera
Photo: Karen Erbach